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BrandWorks focuses on assisting companies with their E-commerce platforms. We manage their E-commerce technology, warehouse infrastructure, shipping, supply-chain management. We invest in our systems and processes to keep us cutting edge.



As a Gen Z managed company, we operate with social values first in mind. We believe in best in class service, compliance and customer support. We ensure all suppliers are social compliant with standards that are of the highest level of practice to ensure we bring our customers the best product and service with the most integrity.


Joey Sassoon

Ecommerce Manager

Joey is an accomplished Ecommerce professional with a deep passion for the digital world. With over a decade of experience in online marketplaces, he has successfully navigated the ever-evolving channels, always staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies. Joey is known for his innovative approaches and strategic mindset that keep customers coming back for more.

His keen eye for detail and understanding of consumer behavior have enabled him to implement strategies that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. His success stems from his dedication and the vast experience he has gathered over the years.


Sophia Scinto

Marketing Manager

Sophia is a creative, visionary individual who thrives in the fashion sector of the social media/marketing space. She is a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate with experience in the industry for over 8 years. Sophia’s worked on many projects whether it be creative direction, influencer campaigns, clothing lines, NYFW shows, or overall brand ideation. 

She has well rounded knowledge in the industry and implements her love for apparel through each and every one of her ventures.