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BrandWorks focuses on assisting companies with their E-commerce platforms. We manage their E-commerce technology, warehouse infrastructure, shipping, supply-chain management. We invest in our systems and processes to keep us cutting edge.



As a Gen Z managed company, we operate with social values first in mind. We believe in best in class service, compliance and customer support. We ensure all suppliers are social compliant with standards that are of the highest level of practice to ensure we bring our customers the best product and service with the most integrity.



William Dayan



William is a seasoned E-commerce professional. After spending time at Shoptiques, William was able to master the art of understanding and maximizing E-commerce platforms across the digital spectrum.

William majored in finance and public speaking, and is a Baruch College graduate.

Along with William, BrandWorks has a team of experienced managers who handle all facets of the business, including Brands, Logistics, Optimization, Shipping, Customer Service, Etc.